Ten Highly Recommended Bands! (June)

Ten Highly Recommended Bands! (June)

Each month of this 2019, I will recommend 10 bands that I like a lot and that I think these deserve more recognition. It will always be a list of Metal and Rock bands. 

The bands in the list can be old, new, inactive or over. It does not matter the condition the bands are, the important thing is to enjoy the music. 

Check the 10 Recommended Bands of June!


Allegaeon is an American extreme metal band from Larimer County, Colorado, formed in 2008. They have released one EP and five studio albums.

Astray Valley

Astray Valley is an spanish Metalcore band from Barcelona formed in 2014.


Blackbriar is a gothic rock/alternative metal band, hailing from Assen, the Netherlands. They have released three EPs, five singles, four official music videosand have performed alongside bands like Epica and MaYaN.

Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny is a German power metal band from Bochum, Germany which incorporates elements of thrash, gothic, symphonic and death metal. As of 2016, Dawn of Destiny has released six studio albums.


Errluum is a progressive power metal band of United States formed in 2018. This band is side project of 3 members of the progressive metal band,A Sense of Gravity.


Hath is a Progressive Blackened Death Metal band of United States formed in 2014.


MĀRA is death/thrash/groove metal band formed in 2018, currently based in 2 countries-Germany and Latvia.


Palehørse is Alternative prog metal band formed in 2019 from Finland.


Stormlord is an extreme metalband from Rome, Italy. They have released five full-length albums to date. Their prominent use of keyboardsgives their sound an epic feel, much like power metal.


Synlakross is Melodic Death Metal from Valencia, Spain. They have released 3 full-length albums to date.