My Top 35 Best Metal Ballads!!

My Top 35 Best Metal Ballads!!

35. Another Day - Dream Theater

34. I Don´t Want To Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

33. Vermillion Pt.2 - Slipknot

32. Pale - Within Temptation

31.Forever - Stratovarius

30. Don´t stop being Crazy - Helloween

29. So Far Away -  Avenged Sevenfold

28. Forever - Edguy

27. The Bard´s Song - Blind Guardian

26. Land of the Miracle - Edguy

25. Solitary Ground - Epica

24. No One Ever Sees Me -  Unisonic

23. Paradise Lost - Symphony X

22. A Tale that Wasn't  Right - Helloween

21. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

20. Cemetery Gates - Pantera

19. The Spirit Carries On - Dream Theater

18. In The Middle Of a Heartbeat - Helloween

17.  I Remember You -  Skid Row

16. Heaven -  Warrant

15.  Memories - Within Temptation

14. Tides of Time - Epica

13.  Don´t Cry -  Guns N´Roses

12. Carrie - Europe

11.  Angel - Revolution Renaissance (Feat Michael Kiske)

10. Tallulah - Sonata Arctica

09. Somewhere - Within Temptation

08. Sleeping Sun - Nightwish

07. Letter To Dana - Sonata Arctica

06. Keep The Flame Alive - Revolution Renaissance (Feat Michael Kiske)

05. Wuthering Heights (Kate Cush Cover) - Angra

4. Love Bites - Def Leppard

3. Bleeding Heart - Angra

2. Farewell - Avantasia (Feat Sharon Del Adel & Michael Kiske)

1. Forever & One (Neverland) - Helloween


Top 10 Best Female Fronted Metal/Rock Band

Top 10 Best Female Fronted Metal/Rock Band

10. Halestorm. Hard Rock band from USA. 

9. Evanescence. Hard Rock  from USA.

8. After Forever. Was Symphonic Metal band from Netherlands.

7. The Agonist. Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore from Canada.

6. Arch Enemy. Melodic Death Metal  from Sweden.

5. Lacuna Coil. Gothic Metal  from Italy.

4. Within Temptation.Symphonic Metal band from Netherlands.

3. Nightwish .Symphonic Metal band from Finland. (Tarja Turunen Era 1996- 2005)

2. Epica. Symphonic Metal band from Netherlands.

1. Amaranthe. Melodic Death/Power Metal band from Sweden


Top 20 of Best Metal - Rock Cover Songs Part I

Top 20 of Best Metal - Rock Cover Part I

20. Orgy - Blue Monday (New Order Cover) Synthpop goes Industrial Rock from USA.

19. Sonic Syndicate -  All about US - (t.A.t.U Cover) Pop goes Melodic Death Metal. From Sweden.

18. Gun N´ Roses -  Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney) Rock goes Heavy Metal. From USA.

17. Marilyn Manson - Sweat Dream (Eurythmics Cover) Synthpop goes Industrial Metal. From USA.

16. Nightwish - Over The Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore Cover) Rock goes Symphonic Metal. From Finland.

15. Betraying The Martyrs - Let It Go (Frozen Cover) Pop goes Deathcore. From France.

14. Xandria - Don't Say a Word (Sonata Arctica Cover) Power Metal goes Symphonic Metal. From Germany. 

13. Metallica - Whiskey in a Jar (Thin Lizzy Cover) Rock goes Thrash Metal. From USA. 

12. In This Moment - Call Me (Blondie Cover) Pop goes Metalcore. From USA.

11. Dimmu Borgir - Burn in Hell (Twisted Sister Cover) Heavy Metal goes Black Metal. From Norway.

10 - Ankor - If It Means A Lot To You (A Day To Remember Cover) From Spain.

09. Guns N´Roses - Knockin´ on Heavens Door (Bob Dylan Cover) Rock goes Heavy Metal. From USA.

08. Nightwish -  The Phantom of the Opera (Cover of Andrew Lloyd Webber) From Finland

07. Faith No More - Easy (Commodores Cover) Funk goes Rock. From USA.

06. Pearl Jam - Last Kiss (Wayne Cochran Cover) Rhythm & Blues goes Rock. From USA

05. Xandria - I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) (Meat Loaf Cover) Rock goes Symphonic Metal. From Germany.

04. Eshtadur - Burning Heart (ft Björn Strid, Per Nilsson & Allan Marcus) (Survivor Cover) Rock goes Melodic Death Metal From Colombia.

03. Death - Pain Killer (Judas Priest Cover) Heavy Metal goes Death Metal. From USA.

02. EarlyRise -  Narcissistic Cannibal (Korn Cover) Nu Metal goes Rock. From USA.

1. Metallica -  Am I Evil? (Diamond Head Cover) Heavy Metal goes Thrash Metal. From USA. 


Three Great New Rock/Metal Videos Out Recently

Huntress -  Zenith
Fist video of their second album "Starbound Beat". Heavy Metal band from USA.

Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners
First single of the upcoming album "Lightning Bolt". Rock/Grunge band from USA.

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King
First single of the sixth album "Hail To The King. Heavy Metal band from USA.

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Best Metal/Rock Albums 2013

Best Metal/Rock Albums 2013 

After 4217 Votes of Metalheads & Rockers around the world this the Listo of Best Metal/Rock Albums of 2013.

13. Hardcore Superstar -  C´mom Take on Me 7 Votes
Hard Rock

Best Songs: Above The Law, Won't Take The Blame Pt. 1 & One More Minute  

12. Clutch - Earth Rocker 12 Votes
Hard Rock/Stoner

Best Song: Earth Rocker, Crucial Velocity & Book,Saddle and Go

11. Lingua Mortis Orchestra  - LMO (Feat Rage) 12 Votes
Symphonic Metal

Best Songs:Lament, Eye For An Eye & Cleansed By Fire 

10. Carcass - Surgical Steel  17 Votes
Death Metal

Best Songs:Unfit For Human Consumption  ,Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System & A Congealed Clot Of Blood

09. Timo Tolkkil´s Avalon - The Land of New Hope 23 Votes
Power Metal

Best Songs: Enshrined in My Memory,Shine & The Land of New Hope

08. Alice in Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here 51 Votes

Best Songs: Stone, Hollow &  Scalpel

08. Queen of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork 68 Votes

Best Songs:My God Is the Sun ,I Sat By the Ocean & Kalopsia

07. Black Sabbath- 13 90 Votes
Heavy Metal

Best Songs: God is Dead?, The end of the beginning & Live Forever

06. Dream Theater - Dream Theater 128 Votes

Best Songs:The Enemy inside  ,Behind the Veil & The Looking Glass

05. Persefone - Spiritual Migration  202 Votes
Progressive Death Metal

Best Songs: Spiritual Migration,Mind As Universe & The Great Reality

04.  Avantasia -  The Mystery Of Time 235 Votes
Power Metal

Best Songs: Dweller in a Dream, Invoke The Machine & The Great Mystery 

03. Amaranthe - The Nexus 263 Votes
Melodic Death/Power Metal

Best Songs: Burn with me,Theory of Everything & Electroheart

02. The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs 576 Votes
Hard Rock

Best Songs: Elevate ,Desire & I´m No Angel

01. Alter Bridge - Fortress 2533 Votes
Hard Rock

Best Songs: Addicted To Pain ,Calm The Fire & Lover