Top 20 Metal/Rock Duets Songs!

Top 20 Metal/Rock Duets Songs!

20. "All In The Family" by "Korn". Nu Metal from USA.
                  Duet: Jonathan Davis & Fred Durst

19.  "Hunger Strike" by "Temple of the Dog". Rock band from USA.
Duet: Chris Cornell & Eddie Vedder

18.  "Trois Vierges" by "Epica". Symphonic Metal from Netherlands.
Duet: Simone Simons & Roy Khan

17. "Lift Me Up" by "Five Finger Death Punch". Groove Metal from USA.
Duet: Ivan Moody & Rob Halford

16. "Everytime It Rains" by "Primal Fear". Power Metal from Germany.
Duet: Ralf Scheepers & Simone Simons

15. "Land Of The Free" by "Gamma Ray". Power Metal from Germany.
Duet: Kai Hansen & Michael Kiske

14. "Heroes" by "Masterplan". Power Metal from Germany.
Duet: Jorn Lande & Michael Kiske

13. "Silence" by Kiske/Somerville. Heavy Metal form USA/Germany
Duet: Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville

12. "The Black Halo" by "Kamelot". Power Metal from USA
                         Duet: Roy Khan  & Simone Simons  

11. "One By One" by Rickard Söderberg & Elize Ryd 

10. "The Promise" by "In this Moment". Metalcore from USA.
Duet: Maria Brink  & Adrian Patrick 

9.  "Evolution" by "Dreamstate" Power Metal form Sweden. 
Duet: Tommy Levin & Elize Ryd


8. "Paradise (What About Us?)" by "Within Temptation". Gothic Metal from Netherlands
                                                      Duet: Sharon Del Adel & Tarja

7. "Walk on Water" by Kiske/Somerville. Heavy Metal from USA/Germany
Duet: Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville

6. "Close my eyes for ever" by "Lita Ford". Heavy Metal solo artist from USA.
Duet: Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne

5. "Under Pressure" by  "Queen". Rock band from UK.
Duet: Freddy Mercury & David Bowie

4 "Valhalla" by "Blind Guardian". Power Metal from Germany.
                           Duet: Hansi Kürsch & Kai Hansen

3. "Dying for an angel" by "Avantasia" Power Metal from Germany
                                   Duet: "Tobias Sammet" & Klaus Meine 

2.  "The Phantom of the Opera" by "Nightwish". Symphonic Metal band from Finland.
Duet: Tarja Turunen & Marco Hietala

1. "Somewhere" by "Within Temptation". Gothic Metal from Netherlands
Duet: Sharon Del Adel & Anneke Van Gierbergen

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