Top 15 Best Metallica Songs in My Opinion

Top 15 Best Metallica Songs in My Opinion 

These 15 songs are the best in my opinion of the Greatest Band of  The World.

15. "Nothing Else Matters" From "Metallica Black Album"

14. "The Unforgiven" From "Metallica Black Album"

13. "For Whom the Bell Tolls" From "Ride The Lightning" 

12. "Seek & Destroy" From "Kill em All" 

11. "Sad But True"  From "Metallica Black Album"

10. "No Leaf Clover" From "S&M"

09. "Hit The Lights" From "Kill em All"

08. "Enter Sandman" From "Metallica Black Album"

07. "The Four Horsemen" From "Kill em All"

06. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" From "Master of Puppets"

05. "Fade to Black" From "Ride The Lightning" 

04. "Creeping Death" From "Ride The Lightning"

03. "One" From "...And Justice for All"

02. "Master of Puppets" From "Master of Puppets"

01. "Battery" From "Master of Puppets"

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