Top 20 Best Power Metal Anthems

Top 20 Best Power Metal Anthems 

For those who follow me, it's no secret that Power Metal is my favorite genre. Here are my 20 songs or hymns of Power Metal.

20.  Lonely Lady by InnerWish

19. Emerald Sword by Rhapsody

18. Holy War by Dragonland

17. If I could Fly by Helloween

16. Hunting High And Low by Stratovarius

15. The Seven Angels by Avantasia 

14. Tears Of A Mandrake by Edguy

13. Rebellion In Dreamland by Gamma Ray

12. Full Moon by Sonata Arctica

11. Halloween by  Helloween

10. Avantasia by Avantasia

09. Heading For Tomorrow by Gamma Ray

08. Valhalla by Blind Guardian

07. Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce

06. Black Diamond by Stratovarius

05. Mirror, Mirror by Blind Guardian

04. Eagle Fly Free by Helloween

03. Keeper of the seven Keys by Helloween

02. Carry On by Angra

01. I Want Out by Helloween

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