Top 15 The Best Swedish Metal Band

Top 15 The Best Swedish Metal Band

The following are my favorite Swedish bands, please vote for the best for you to make the Top 15!

After 1074 votes check the results!

15. Bloodbound (Power Metal)

14. Hypocrisy (Melodic Death Metal)

13. At the Gates (Melodic Death Metal)

12. Dragonland (Power Metal)

11. Draconian (Gothic Metal)

10. Arch Enemy (Melodic Death Metal)

09. Therion (Symphonic Metal)

08. ReinXeed (Power Metal)

07. Opeth (Progressive Metal)

06. Dark Tranquility (Melodic Death Metal)

05. Amon Amarth (Melodic Death Metal)

04. Soilwork (Melodic Death Metal)

03. Amaranthe (Melodic/Death/Pop/Power Metal)

02. In Flames (Melodic Death Metal)

01. HammerFall (Power Metal)