Ruins of Elysium - "Daphne"

Ruins of Elysium - "Daphne"

Ruins of Elysium is an Epic Symphonic Metal with classical tenor vocals. The band if form by musicians of Brazil, Italy and Netherlands.

Their EP "Daphne" is a great journey of 45 minutes of Epic Symphonic Metal with several influences. The 1st song of this EP is a ten-minute songs where you discover the influences of classical music and the trained tenor Drake Chrisdensen. This song for me is beautiful way to star this journey of Epic Symphonic Metal.

"Daphne" consist in 8 songs, at the start I was thing to do the review song by song, but after many times of listen to this EP I came to a conclusion:

The EP is great way to refresh the Metal world, almost all the Metal music has stagnated. For me that’s the beauty of Ruins of Elysium. Because is a band that tries something different and the best part is that they made it.

Drake Chrisdensen vocals are different for symphonic metal, considering that genre almost all voices are from woman. But in this case is from a tenor.

The Best song of the EP, in my opinion is “Daphne” because it shows everything the band wants to share to the world.

4,5 stars out of 5 stars!!


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