Top 30 Best Metal & Rock Songs of 2016

Top 30 Best Metal & Rock Songs of 2016

My favorite 30 songs of 2016 (Mostly Metal and some Rock/Punk Songs)

30. "Demons In You" Tarja Ft Alissa White-Gluz

29."Forever Now" Green Day

28. "Another Night Comes" Eternal Idol

27."Post American World"  Megadeth

26. “Dark Necessities” Red Hot Chili Peppers

25. "Blood" The Dear Hunter

24. "Metal Is For Everyone" Freedom Call

23. "This Ticonderoga" Red Hot Chili Peppers

22.  "Till Death's Done Us Apart" Sonata Arctica

21. "Rebel"  Shallow Side

20. "Prophecy " Spellcaster

19. “Bored to Death” Blink-182

19.“Suckerpunch” Delain

17. “Show Me a Leader” Alter Bridge

16. "Edge of the Blade"  Epica

15. "Havoc" Circus Maximus

14. “The Stage” Avenged Sevenfold

13. "The Madness" Art of Anarchy

12. "The End Is Near" Primal Fear

11. "Endlessly" Amaranthe

10. "At The Break Of Dawn" Arion Ft Elize Ryd

09.  "Blue Automatic" Thank You Scientist

08. “Moth Into Flame” Metallica

07. "On The Rocks" Amaranthe

06. "Mr. Invisible" Thank You Scientist

05. "Silvera" Gojira

04. "Spit Out the Bone" Metallica

03. "California" Blink 182

02. "Ghostlights" Avantasia Ft Michael Kiske & Jorn

01. "Believer"  Myrath

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