15 Metal & Rock Albums of 2017 Highly Recommended!

15 Metal & Rock Albums of 2017 Highly Recommended!

This 2017 has been great albums so far, these are 15 albums that I highly recommend!

"Bringer of Pain" by Battle Beast (Heavy/Power Metal)

"Close to the Sun" by Place Vendome (Melodic Hard Rock/ AOR)

"Embers of a Dying World"  by Mors Principium Est (Melodic Death Metal)

"Evolution" by Once Human (Melodic Death Metal)

"Heart of the Phoenix" by Victorius (Power Metal)

"In the Passing Light of Day" by Pain of Salvation (Progressive Metal)

"Aathma" by Persefone (Progressive Death Metal)

"Origins" by Mutiny Within (Melodic Death Metal)

"Reunion" by Solarus (Symphonic Metal)

"Theater of Dimensions" by Xandria (Symphonic Metal)

"Rise and Shine" by Smash Into Pieces (Alternative Rock/Metal)

"The Invisible" by Ravenscry (Alternative Metal)

"Vessels" by Starset (Progressive Rock)

"War of Dragons" by Bloodbound (Power Metal)

"Welcome to Ember Falls" by Ember Falls  (Metal/Rock)


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