30 Great Rock/Metal Music Videos of 2017 So Far

30 Great Rock/Metal Music Videos of 2017 So Far

Already 9 months of 2017, these are my 20 favorite Music videos so far this year (Metal/Rock)

Royal Blood – Lights Out (Rock)

Anthology - Last Weep (Melodic Power Metal)

Ankor -  Lost Soul (Alternative Metal)

Pain Of Salvation - Reasons (Progressive Metal)

Alestorm - Mexico (Folk/Pirate Metal)

Edge of Paradise - Mystery (Hard Rock)

The Night Flight Orchestra - Gemini (Classic Rock, AOR)

Foo Fighters - Run (Rock)

Orden Ogan - Gunman (Power Metal)

Prophets of Rage - Unfuck The World (Rap Metal)

DragonForce - Ashes Of The Dawn (Power Metal)

Stone Sour - Song #3 (Hard Rock)

Unleash The Archers - Cleanse The Bloodlines (Power/Melodic Death Metal)

Mastodon - Show Yourself (Progressive/Stoner Metal)

The Ferrymen - End of the Road (Heavy/Power Metal)

Adrenaline Mob - King Of The Ring (Hard Rock)

Secret Sphere - The Calling (Power Metal)

Kobra and the Lotus - You Don’t Know (Heavy Metal)

Ember Falls - Rising Tide (Hard Rock)

Pyramaze - A World Divided (Power Metal)

Symfobia - From the Ashes (Symphonic Metal)

Cyhra - Karma (Melodic Metal)

Metalite - Afterlife (Melodic Metal)

VUUR - My Champion - Berlin (Progressive Metal)

Ensiferum - Way of the Warrior (Folk Metal)

Foo Fighters - The Sky Is A Neighborhood (Rock)

Papa Roach - HELP (Hard Rock)

Trivium - The Sin And The Sentence (Metalcore)

Linkin Park - One More Light  (Rock)

I put on this list this video because I think it shows how great was Chester! RIP

The Used - Over And Over Again  (Post-Hardcore)

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