Vote For The Best Metal Album of 2018

Vote For The Best Metal Album of 2018

The idea is to keep this list and add new albums every month and that throughout the year you continue to vote for the record that you like most and at the end of the year choose the 20 with the most votes and thus form the Top 20 of the Best Metal albums of the year.

Vote For The Best Metal Album of 2018

Redemption - Long Night's Journey Into Day
Amorphis - Queen Of Time
Angelus Apatrida - Cabaret De La Guillotine
Angra - Ømni
Between The Buried And Me – Automata I & Automata II
Derdian - DNA
Dimmu Borgirr - Eonian
Sōlborn - Dark Lights of Delirium
Follow The Cipher - Follow the Cipher
Frozen Crown - The Fallen King
Euphoreon - Ends of the Earth
Ghost- Prequelle
Judas Priest - Firepower
Judicator - The Last Emperor
Deicide - Overtures of Blasphemy
KAMELOT - The Shadow Theory
Khemmis - Desolation
Kissin' Dynamite - Ecstasy
Lords Of Black - Icons of the New Days
Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods
Mad Hatter - Mad Hatter
Manticora - To Kill to Live to Kil
Michael Romeo - War of the Worlds // Pt. 1
Behemoth - I Loved You At Your Darkest
Temperance - Of Jupiter and Moons
Obscura - Diluvium
Orphaned Land - Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Ostura - The Room
Warrel Dane - Shadow Work
Powerwolf - The Sacrament of Sin
Primal Fear - Apocalypse
Riot V- Armor of Light
Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name
Ross The Boss - By blood sworn
Thaurorodd - Coast Of Gold
Tribulation - Down Below
Visigoth - Conqueror's Oath
WHYZDOM- As Time Turns to Dust
Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit
The Loudest Silence - Aesthetic Illusion
Parkway Drive - Reverence
Omnium Gatherum -The Burning Cold
Wolfheart - Constellation Of The Black Light
Visions of Atlantis - The Deep & the Dark
Sirenia - Arcane Astral Aeons
MaYaN - Dhyana
TesseracT - Sonder
Brainstorm - Midnight Ghost
Dynazty - Firesign
Amaranthe - Helix
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
Mob Rules - Beast Reborn
Arion - Life Is Not Beautiful
Immortal Guardian - Age of Revolution
Witherfall - A Prelude To Sorrow
Bleeding Through - Love Will Kill All
METAPRISM - Catalyst To Awakening
Orion's Reign - Scores of War
Riverside - Wasteland
In Vain - Currents
The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic
Haken -Vectors
Rocka Rollas - Celtic Kings
Slugdge - Esoteric Malacolog
Sleep - The Sciences
Shylmagoghnar - Transience
Into Eternity - The Sirens
Architects  - Holy Hell
Ashes of Ares - Well Of Souls
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My Top 10 Metal/Rock Albums of 2000

My Top 10 Metal/Rock Albums of 2000

In the year 2000 I started listening to music and from there I fell in love with Rock and Metal. Therefore, I will select my 10 favorite albums of each year from 2000 to 2018. Here goes the first Top 10 of 2000.

10. Mother Earth - Within Temptation

09. Infest - Papa Roach

08. V- The New Mythology Suite - Symphony X

07. Dawn Of Victory - Rhapsody

06. Clayman - In Flames

05. Wishmaster - Nightwish

04. Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit

03. The Dark Ride - Helloween

02. Brave New World - Iron Maiden

01. Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

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Sorry that the album Wishmaster - Nightwish does not appear on spotify