Ten Highly Recommended Bands! (April)

Ten Highly Recommended Bands! (April)

Each month of this 2019, I will recommend 10 bands that I like a lot and that I think these deserve more recognition. It will always be a list of Metal and Rock bands.

The bands in the list can be old, new, inactive or over. It does not matter the condition the bands are, the important thing is to enjoy the music.

Check the 10 Recommended Bands of April!


Brutus was formed in 2013 in Belgium. It's a Post-Harcore band.


Carmilla was formed in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden. It's a band of Melodic Death Metal. They only have one EP and one Full-length album.


FIDLAR is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California formed in 2009 .


Ithaca is a hardcore band from London, UK. This year they released their debut album. 


Murmur is a dark-alternative-folk project from Peter Morcey and Ryan Patrick White.

Rage Of Light

Rage Of Light is a Metal band mixed with electronic groove formed in 2007 in Switzerland.


Seax is a Speed ​​Metal band formed in 2009 in the United States.

Silver Bullet 

Silver Bullet is a Power Metal band formed in 2008 in Finland. They have 2 studio albums.

The Twilight Sad 

The Twilight Sad is an indie rock and noise rock band from Kilsyth, Scotland, formed in 2003.


TraumeR is a band from Melodic Power Metal of Brazil formed in 2009.


25 Best Metal Ballads Pt 2

25 Best Metal Ballads Pt 2

1               4.000 Rainy Nights - Stratovarius
2              Beyond Today (Farewll, Pt. 3) - Seventh Wonder
3              Down Where I Am - Demons and Wizards
4              Endlessly - Amaranthe
5              Fade to Black - Metallica
6              From The Ashes -Symfobia
7              Hold Me In Your Arms - Helloween
8              Holding On - Solarus
9              Hollow Years - Dream Theater
10            In My Time Of Need -Opeth
11              Master of the Wind - Manowar
12             My Darkest Symphony - Conception
13             Oceandeep - Beast In Black
14             Promises  - Megadeth
15             Promises - Adagio
16             Save Me - Edguy
17             Silent Lucidity - Queensryche
18             Sleeping Sun - Nightwish
19             Snuff - Slipknot
20           Unified - Amaranthe
21             Valley Of The Queens - Ayreon
22            Wasting Love - Iron Maiden
23            When I'm Gone - Power Quest
24            Wings of Destiny - Rhapsody
25            Without You - Harmony


“Darkest Days” by Solarus

“Darkest Days” by Solarus

To begin with, the first thing I want to say is that the first album is amazing and is part of my daily playlist.

When I found out that Solarus was going to release a second album, I was very excited but I also asked myself if they would be able to maintain the level of the previous album?

Only one listened to the whole album was enough to realize how good it is and each time I was more delighted with the spectacular voice of Sarah. My worries were left behind and I was satisfied and even more excited by the great work of these Canadians.

“Darkest Days" is a masterpiece of Power Metal in all
its aspects, each song captures you with great melodies, good riffs, speed and
the perfect harmonization of a spectacular female voice.

I want to congratulate the band for their great work and principally to maintain the level and rise it. 

Sincerely I like all the songs but to mention a few highlights: "Holding On" an incredible ballad where the vocalist shows even more her great singing, "Limbo" perfect to be the single of the disc because it has the brand of Solarus sound and "Requiem for the Fallen Pt. II" an aggressive song with a great melody and a prodigious chorus.

In conclusion it is a very good album that will give a lot to talk about in 2019. Every time I feel more eager to see they live and I hope I can do it soon. Keep the good work!!

4.5 of 5 Stars


Top 50 Best Hard Rock/ Metal Guitarist

Top 50 Best Hard Rock/ Metal Guitarist

These are my 50 favorite Hard Rock/Metal guitarists. It is a very personal selection.

The list has guitarists from the different subgenres of Metal and Rock.

The list are my favorite guitarists of all times for their technique, speed, feeling and composition.

   After 8887 votes, check the final Top 50!


Top 20 The Best Metal Band From Italy

Top 20 The Best Metal Band From Italy

I have chosen my 20  favorite bands from Italy. After 590 votes here are the results of the best Italian Metal Band!